Measures Overhead Hazards up to 20 Feet!

In-cab driver programmable read-out

Aerodynamic sealed sensor unit

High performance


Bright LED display

8 feet of coaxial cable

Toll free: 1-877-543-1087

As seen in:
Land Line
June, 2010
  Trailer Life
February, 2011
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Good Sam member Doug Thomas from Sparks, Nevada, tested the system and reported, “This product is indispensable to anyone with a tall RV.”

Don’t Stick Your Neck Out!

Save money and avoid expensive damage to your trailer, Recreational Vehicle, or Oversize Load. The GiraffeG4 Overhead Protection System accurately measures the height of bridges, trestles, tree limbs etc. up to 20 feet and beyond, and shows you the height on the bright LED in-cab display unit. Say you've moved off the clearly marked highway and approaching a bridge with no sign, or maybe they've added 4 inches of asphalt and haven't changed the sign. Stop guessing and hoping that you have enough clearance. You can rely on the GiraffeG4 Overhead Protection System to accurately measure the height of the obstacle. Then you can confidently decide if you need to back out or can proceed safely.

The GiraffeG4 has a wide range of uses:



Protect your rig and the load you're carrying from damage caused by overhead strikes.


Recreational Vehicles

Protect your AC units and satellite antennas from unmarked bridges, tree limbs, and gas station awnings.

Oversized Loads

Oversize Loads

Will measure hazards 12 feet from where it is mounted . . . mount it at 9 feet, it is good to 21 feet.

Pilot Cars

Pilot Cars

Get a hit on your height pole. The GiraffeG4 will give you the exact height. For survey work, the GiraffeG4 will measure accurately up to 30 mph.